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Mickey for President – Part Ten

Meanwhile, back on the campaign trail…


About these strips….
Jim Steinmeyer and I worked in an unusual fashion. I drew the strips first with a particular theme in mind but leaving the word balloons blank, Then Jim wrote the dialogue. He didn’t know what I was going to draw; I didn’t know what he was going to write.

One of my goals in this creative project was to shed my art of any slickness. After a couple of penciled circles (for size and placement) but no penciling, I went straight to inking, keeping the art fresh and spontaneous. I was inspired by Robert Crumb in this regard.

I love the end result. I’m surprised at the complex range of expression I was able to capture with this character. And Jim’s writing is so damn funny!

More tomorrow!

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  1. Interesting look into your process. You both must have been in synch on some level to pull this together. I am giving some thought to what you say here about very basic pencils and then going to inks. I find I like what I do in pencil or ball point, and then I kill it, and entomb it when I try to do inks. I’ll take a shot at your method.

    The elections are upon us, and yes, I did vote early. I’m hoping once we’re past Tuesday you’ll brighten our day with some monster art. Maybe something from the rest of O’Brien’s career? Harryhausen beasts? Just hopin’.

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