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Guess Who’s Running for President!


Recently I was perusing a copy of Mickey at 60 volume 2, the issue in which he runs for President. This was drawn by me and written by my pal Jim Steinmeyer back in another election year (1996).

I was shocked by Mickey’s eerily close resemblance to one of our current Presidential candidates. Jim’s dialogue seems like he is directly quoting him, so I thought I’d post some of these 1996 strips during the remaining two weeks of the election (click on the images to make them larger).


1 thought on “Guess Who’s Running for President!

  1. Hello, “Mr. Stout”!
    Enjoyed the MIckey 60/1996 edition. I still have several loose pages (hot of the WDI Xerox machine, and a complet, “bound”( Stapled) edition of the first M@60 you guys did while we were all sitting around at Imagineering making magic. Have gathered a small collection of your books over the years and may just show up on your front porch some day to request your signature in each one. (Alas, I am in Colorado theses days.)

    All the best, my friend. Keep inspiring us all!

    (Craig) McNair Wilson

    (Using my middle name now, since ’95)

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