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Tomorrow I arrive in Austin, Texas for one of my favorite conventions, the heavily art-oriented MondoCon, put on by the good people at Mondo Tees. I’ll be bringing new books, new art and a big friendly smile!

I am hoping to score some Franklin’s BBQ while I’m there. I’m also hoping to reconnect with old friends and collectors and meet new ones as well.

I don’t get to Texas often, so now’s your chance. I’ll be available at my tables all weekend long. Ask me anything!

See You Soon!

2 thoughts on “AUSTIN! MONDOCON!

  1. Have you been doing any new movie posters for Mondo? Your art for King Kong and Nosferatu was amazing.

    Don’t forget you can get great Bar-B-Q in Kansas City too. And did the Beatles cover a song about Texas? No, I’m afraid not. 😉 But seriously, have a great time there. I hope it’s comfortably warm.

    Best wishes,

  2. @Aaron: Like last year’s show, it was wonderful.

    My new poster for Mondo (Metropolis) is in the post that follows. I’ve also done King Kong and Nosferatu (as you noted), plus White Zombie. The other day my wife observed, “You really pour your heart into these Mondo posters.”

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