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William Stout’s DINOSAURS – A Coloring Book!


IT’S ARRIVED! DINOSAURS – A Coloring Book is a beautiful black & white coloring book packed with 81 detailed images created by master paleoartist William Stout! This gorgeous 96 page trade paperback is published with meticulous care by Insight Editions.

This book, generously priced at only $16, is available on this site’s Store/William Stout Bazaar. Bill signs each copy purchased from this site.

You’re gonna love it!

5 thoughts on “William Stout’s DINOSAURS – A Coloring Book!

  1. Hi Bill!

    I look forward to seeing you at Mondo Con again in a few weeks. Will you have any of these at the show?

  2. Yes! I will have these at Mondo Con in Austin this month.

  3. Any chance you will have a pre show commission list this year? If not I’m sure I will still buy one of the sketches you have.

  4. looking forward to the day I finally get to meet you –getting ready to order–any chance of coloring them in for me?? 🙂
    Thanks for all the enjoyment over the years

  5. Glad I got mine at Dragon Con! You will have to sign if for me next year! Benno

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