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Comic-Con Art Preview

Comic-Con International is next week. I thought I’d give attendees (and non-attendees) a peek at some of the original art I’ll have there for sale.

This is a tribute to Jimi Hendrix (and my favorite song of his: 1983…A Merman I Should Turn to Be).


Here are couple of the original drawings from my Willis O’Brien tribute book.




I decided to color this one:


This golden dragon was drawn as a recent CD cover for Gregg Douglas, the former lead guitarist for the Steve Miller Band.


Here’s an Antarctic Hypsilophodont I recently colored. The black and white version appears in my new Dinosaur Coloring Book from Insight Editions.


I decided to leave this cover drawing for my Fantastic Women 2 book uncolored. In fact, since this piece was originally shot, I’ve added some nice blacks to it, making it even richer and more dynamic.


I’ll also have the three oil paintings I created for a new Mars Attacks series of trading cards.




See You There!

5 thoughts on “Comic-Con Art Preview

  1. All very cool pieces!

  2. I am loving all of these. The dinosaur (kronosaur?) grabbing the saucer may be my favorite of the paintings. I’m glad I grabbed your Kong drawing when I did. Just magical. Have a great time at SDCC.

  3. ahahahaha these are great!!

  4. Hi, Bill,

    I was wondering, because I hate to put you to work, but I still have to ask, will you be carrying the coloring book in your Bazaar?


  5. @Rick: Yes, I will. I sell more of my own stuff at retail than anybody else, excepting maybe Bud Plant.

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