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Fantastic Women 2 – Back from the Printer!


William Stout – Fantastic Women 2 is back from the printer and ready to ship!

The drawings in this second volume were created between 2001 to 2016. The book includes drawings of Edgar Rice Burroughs Barsoomian (and other) princesses, mermaids, fairies, barbarian warrior queens, monster women, interplanetary women and more!

This fat, 70-page volume contains 73 drawings.

This book is limited to only 700 signed (by William Stout) and numbered copies and sells for just $20 + shipping. Like the first volume, these will go fast.

4 thoughts on “Fantastic Women 2 – Back from the Printer!

  1. Wow!! Love the cover art.

  2. Wonderful, as always!

  3. Bill,

    I just ordered it last night and eagerly await it’s arrival. Are the O’Brien and Fantastic Women books going to be THE summer books or are you still getting a convention sketchbook out this summer? I ask so if there is another I’ll make it a point to be on the lookout.


  4. Bill,

    I had a busy couple of weeks but I’m here to finally say, BRAVO! It’s even better than the first one and that includes the quality of the reproductions as well as the selection. The first one was fun, a solid reminder of why these sketchbooks are so easy to collect. This one hits it out of the park! I know I’d have to peruse all the sketchbooks to verify this but it looks like there are some brand spanking new images… or is that just one of those occasions when encountering an image the second time around is more appealing, trips more switches?
    Whatever it is, thanks for this bundle of magic!

    Pembroke Pines

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