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Monsterpalooza began yesterday and continues today and tomorrow. It’s the biggest Monsterpalooza ever and to accommodate the increased attendance, the show has moved to the Pasadena Convention Center.

Look for me at table C-5 in the elusive “C” room, off the corner of the main Dealers Room (if you enter the Dealers Room from the lobby, keep to the right hand wall and head all the way back).

4 thoughts on “MONSTERPALOOZA!

  1. Sounds huge! And great wording on the “elusive” C Room. Hope all your fans find you easily. See you at Wonderfest!

  2. I love your painting of Frankenstein’s monster. You can read a lot in that face, both pathos and danger. He looks like he walked out of a “new world of gods and monsters.”
    How was Monsterpalooza?

  3. Monsterpalooza was terrific — bigger and better than ever! Saw a multitude of friends and fans and sold lots of stuff.

    Next show: WonderFest in Louisville, Kentucky where I will publicly debut my Tribute to Willis O’Brien sketchbook. The first volume will focus on his silent shorts, Ghost of Slumber Mountain, Lost World, King Kong and Son of Kong. So, lots of dinosaurs and big gorillas! Some of the art you might have seen, but there will also be about 60 new pictures that will be published for their very first time.

  4. That O’Bie work sounds great Bill. I will definitely pick it up when I come by your table.


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