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Mondo Con! Austin!


I’m looking forward to being a guest at Mondo Con this weekend. It’s in my favorite Texas city: Austin.

Why do I love Austin?

Easy: Franklin’s BBQ; Waterloo Records; the Arthur Rackham Poe illustrations at the university; the food truck movement; the bats under the bridge; “Keep Austin Weird”; the music scene; Antone’s; memories of seeing Doug Sahm, Lou Ann Barton, Bobby “Blue” Bland and Albert Collins; recent transplants Liz and Bernie Wrightson…I could go on and on.

If you don’t know about Mondo, here’s the skinny: They hire top contemporary artists to create new movie posters for old classic films. They sell these as serigraphs (limited edition silkscreen prints). Drew Struzan drew a new Frankenstein poster for Mondo; I did King Kong and Nosferatu. Today, I’m finishing up a poster of Bela Lugosi‘s White Zombie (the very first zombie movie) for them. Typically, their prints sell out out in less than two hours. There’s a huge secondary market for them.

I look forward to seeing all my Texas friends and fans this weekend. I’ll be giving an illustrated talk covering my whole career (funny stories and lotsa eye candy) during the event. Don’t miss it!

Details regarding Mondo Con: October 3 & 4 (Saturday & Sunday); Marchesa Hall & Theatre (6406 N. Hwy 35 #3100, Austin, Texas 78752) and at the Holiday Day Inn Midtown Conference Hall.

MondoCon is a celebration of everything you and I love, including movies, art, comics, music, toys, and food. It’s a weekend curated with the fans in mind, featuring incredible Artists & Creators from around the world, Panels, Screenings, Food Trucks, & Interactive Events. This is the second annual MondoCon; they can’t wait for us to see what they have planned.

For more information about MondoCon check out their website!

Tickets will be on sale Thursday, April 30th at 11:00am CST. 

Due to capacity restrictions MondoCon has a limited number of tickets available for each day. There may be a limited number of stand-by tickets available at The Marchesa Hall and Theatre on each day of the event, and will be sold based on available capacity.

See You There!

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  1. Howdy Mr. Stout,
    Have a great time in Austin. I have been meaning to add White Zombie to the line up of black and white classics for Halloween. It is one of the few films I have missed from those glory days of the golem (sic) oldies. Friends have told me that it holds up pretty well. I had no idea that it was the first zombie films. But I have a soft spot in my heart for the classic monsters, including traditional zombies who did not dine on brains and entrails.
    Can’t wait to see your poster for the film.

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