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See You in Salt Lake City!


I am really looking forward to my guesting at this weekend’s Salt Lake City Comic Con!

I was born in SLC on the way to Los Angeles. I’ve got lots of family there and the Convention Center is close to the huge Mormon center where all of Arnold Friberg‘s original paintings for the Book of Mormon are on display. Woo hoo!

2 thoughts on “See You in Salt Lake City!

  1. Bill,
    Have a safe and successful Con. I envy you seeing all those Friberg canvases. A true master! I’m still waiting for someone to produce an all inclusive monograph of his work.



  2. I’m with Jim on the topic of a Friberg book. The one that came out from Greenwich years ago was an interesting read, but it would be wonderful to have a large artbook.
    Enjoy yourself at the convention.

    Best wishes,

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