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Masters of the Universe

Yup; it’s my birthday. Another turn around the sun. What am I doing? Working, of course.

In a few minutes I’m leaving for the American Cinematheque screening at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood of Masters of the Universe. I was the production designer for that film; you can see my visual fingerprints all over that baby.

Director Gary Goddard (and some very special guests) will be joining me for a Q & A after the film.

See you there?

4 thoughts on “Masters of the Universe

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!my dear talented….very talented friend!!!!! and many more……..

  2. Yes, let me add another in the blog as well. All the Best on celebrating the life and times of William Stout !

  3. Belated happy birthday, Mr. Stout. I hope the celebration and the movie night were great.

  4. A belated birthday HUZZAH! Hope you’re good for many more trips around the sun. We need all of the “good lizard men” we can get.

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