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Jurassic Park Original Art: Mosasaur Surprise


Continuing my series of sales for the original art I created for a proposed Jurassic Park animated series commissioned by Universal Cartoon Studios is my idea for a scene from the series showing Lex fleeing from a mosasaur.

Ink and watercolor on board.
The image size: 5″ x 7″.
$1250 (matted and framed).

It’s for sale in the “Original Art” section in my website’s Bazaar. From now on, I’ll be adding to this section on a fairly regular basis.

4 thoughts on “Jurassic Park Original Art: Mosasaur Surprise

  1. This is great! The best one yet.

  2. Nice! You’d think they would try and approach the networks with this again. Particulary in light of the fact they would probably do it cg….or perhaps a cel look, but actually be cg. The ability to make cycles of motion and readiness that can be dialed into and out of would probably make it very cost effective. Plus the ability to transfer basic motion to rigs of similar species (and their set of motions), with the ability to juice or change the motion to fit the other specie would still be a timesaver.

  3. I think you’re right, Rick.

    The show was intended to be adult and prime time, using top writers. CG animation was being used to animate the vehicles.

  4. Grande informação. Sorte me Recentemente encontrei
    blog por acaso (stumbleupon). Eu tenho livro marcado isso para mais tarde!

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