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Three New Stout Sketchbooks for Comic-Con!

Comic-Con International is nearly upon us! I have prepared and Terra Nova Press has published three new books for the occasion. All three books are available in the Bazaar section (under “Store“) of this website. Get all three and just pay postage for one! Any ordered today will be sent out today or tomorrow by Priority Mail. Later orders will be shipped after Comic-Con.

Here they are:


Volume 21 of William Stout’s 50 Convention Sketches series is a stunner.

There are actually 58 pics in this book, including four of Bill’s never-before-published ad designs for Monty Python’s Meaning of Life. There’s an unpublished pencil rough for the unused LP cover for Chicago 13, a guide to Bill’s intricate autobiographical cover for The Comics Journal, some Firesign Theatre art, a few blues portraits NOT found in Legends of the Blues, Harlan Ellison book cover designs, more zombies, a Van Dyke Parks/Inara George poster and Stout’s final illustrations for Pablo Neruda‘s Stones of the Sky (with Bill’s translations of the poems) — and more!

A signed, limited edition of only 600 copies (at $20 each) this book is sure to sell out quickly!


If ever there was a book that displayed William Stout’s versatility, it’s this one: William Stout – T-Shirt Designs.

Illustrated with 71 designs (mostly full page), this book is packed with art dating from 1973 to the present. There are 17 WonderFest T-shirt designs, as well as designs for The Firesign Theatre, the Good Lizard Men World Tour, the (Edgar Rice) Burroughs Bibliophiles, Dragon*Con and two unseen proposed John Belushi/Dan Aykroyd WWII nose art-influenced designs for the movie 1941.

A bargain at only $20, this book is extremely limited to 300 signed and numbered copies.


This is the book you’ve been waiting for: a stunning collection of William Stout’s drawings of fantastic women!

The 70 drawings, all hand-picked by Bill, range from 1972 to 2000 (plus brand new cover art). Many are from rare, out-of-print 50 Convention Sketches volumes and Edgar Rice Burroughs sketchbooks — lots of Barsoomian princesses and jungle queens; some are pieces from the Stout archives. All reflect Bill’s deep appreciation of the female form.

WARNING! Some of the pictures contain full frontal nudity! Not a big deal to Bill (he teaches figure drawing every Sunday), but it might be to you. If so, you’ve been warned.

Strictly limited to just 700 signed and numbered copies, at just $20 this book is sure to be one of Stout’s fastest sellers. Don’t miss out!

My assistant Kris (a pretty harsh — but honest — critic) considers these three of the best sketchbooks I’ve ever put together. It was Kris’ idea to do the Fantastic Women book.

For those of you attending Comic-Con, don’t forget to come by my booth! Come see my illustrated presentation (lots of rare visuals) on Sunday, too!

7 thoughts on “Three New Stout Sketchbooks for Comic-Con!

  1. Hi Bill,

    These look great as always. Speaking of the “Good Lizard Men World Tour” shirts, would you happen to still have some of those around?


  2. Wow! I know they say “Don’t judge a book by….” but the cover art to all three of these is amazing! Looks like you did a more attractive version of Ray Harryhausen’s snake woman from 7th Voyage of Sinbad for your Fantastic Women cover. Just spectacular work.

  3. Great! Can’t wait to get them.

  4. @Matt: I still do; I’ll have to check on available sizes.

    @Aaron: Thanks! The response to these books has been tremendous.

    @Rick: Your order is going into the mail this morning, just before I leave for Comic-Con.

  5. Now my only question is, when is the Monsters of Hammer Films sketchbook coming?
    Okay, one more question, have you ever thought of compiling all your sketchbooks to date into one large, hardback collection? Flesk Publications is doing that with Mark Schultz’s sketchbooks. I thought it would be a great idea for yours.

    Best wishes and have a great time at SDCC,

  6. Thanks, Bill! Have a GREAT con!

  7. Bill,

    Hi. All three look great but I have a problem. I want to order them but I’m traveling and away from my computer for another 12 days and because of that I can’t order them (forgot to pack cheat sheets and other stuff as well no recognition on other ‘puters). Would it be too much to ask that you set me aside all three and I’ll order them as soon as I return? You know I already has EVERYTHING but this is an odd year when I’m not home to secure these AND you put out less of these. If you sell out I’ll be bummed but I understand. If you save and set them aside them I’ll be a happy man. You can even pull copies from the bottom of the stacks. Thanks and fingers crossed.

    Rick Tucker,
    Pembroke Pines, FL
    (currently in Syracuse)

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