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Louis Jourdan with Gigi
Louis Jourdan with Gigi

I never had the pleasure of meeting French film star Louis Jourdan, but I loved his work. Our connection was tenuous at best (read on). Gigi is a favorite musical of mine; he was great in it as Gaston. Because of his good looks and the huge success of Gigi, he got typecast as the prototypical suave French lover, a type of role he quickly tired of.

I liked him in his genre films. A lot of folks don’t know this (it wasn’t mentioned in the Los Angeles Times obit) but the 1976 Jourdan BBC-TV movie version of Count Dracula adhered closer to Bram Stoker’s book than any other version.

Louis Jourdan as Dracula
Louis Jourdan as Dracula

A fan of the book, I loved it (Louis played the vampiric Count). The DVD is available from Amazon:

His other horror/sci-fi/fantasy films include Swamp Thing, Octopussy (there’s our connection — I designed that film’s logo), The Return of the Swamp Thing and that little sci-fi gem Year of the Comet.

Bon soir, mon ami…

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  1. Overall I thought the BBC version of Dracula was very well done, and the closest version to Stoker’s novel yet. Mssr. Jourdan was quite good as the count. He will be missed.

  2. We often mention that production of Dracula, and how good it was. I remember taking screen shots of Louis I liked him so much.

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