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Here’s some eye candy:

This is the final color version of a fairly recent private commission Godzilla piece. I thought you might like to see it….

A couple of clicks will make it larger.

5 thoughts on “Godzilla!

  1. Awesome!

  2. I am so glad to have found your site. I bought a print of yours back in 1994 (?) in Chicago and looked online from time to time to follow your work. It has been a while since my last search, and it is nice to see that you keep up with your journal.

  3. That’s a fun piece, Mr. Stout. Those Zero pilots must have signed on for kamikaze duty.

    I am curious as to what you thought of the new film. To me it was head and shoulders above the last American version. It could have used a bit more humor. You kind of know what to expect from a Godzilla movie and this film didn’t push the envelope of audience expectation. The monster design was a big improvement, although the head was a bit too much like a pit bull for my my taste. I saw in the “making of” book a different design that was closer to the tyrannosaur version you drew some time back. I suppose the producers felt it was too much like a dinosaur. I’d say, “What’s wrong with that?!”

  4. A very eye catching piece, Bill. I like what you did with the motion of the ocean, very nice.

  5. That’s really cool – really spacious and yet crammed with detail and depth (I guess each layer has a lot of breathing room in it) not to mention you’ve captured that retro feel perfectly. I’m a fan. I found my way here from your posts about what Moebius can teach but I’ll be checking back in to see what I can learn direct! Thanks.

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