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This is a Winkie. If you have chromatic 3-D glasses, this picture is in 3-D.

Tomorrow begins the national Wizard of Oz convention known as Winkie Con. I’m the Artist Guest of Honor!

I’ll be giving an illustrated lecture on all my different Oz-related projects at noon tomorrow. I’ll also be debuting my latest sketchbook, William Stout’s Wonderful World of Oz. At a fat 60 pages per book, it’s limited to only 250 signed and numbered copies. If there are any left after the convention, I’ll put some up for sale on the Bazaar section of this site.

See you there!

Here’s another 3-D picture (if you’ve got a pair of those chromatic 3-D glasses, this one really works well. You can click on it to make it larger):

1 thought on “WINKIE CON!

  1. Wow!

    While I hope you sell them all – after all, I want you to have success with your sales – I selfishly hope you have a few left so I can order one for my wife. She’s a huge Oz fan and we can’t make it our to the convention.

    Will you post in your journal if you have any left to sell online?

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