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Pals – 1993

A bit of a Coda…

My wife complained about the photo I chose of Jean and I together (she thought it did not flatter Jean). So here’s one of Jean and me out in front of Golden Apple Comics. This one doesn’t exactly flatter me; I look like a Mexican drug dealer. And suck in that gut!

This was taken around 1993. I just showed Jean the Arzach tribute I had done. He “got” every little detail of the picture…which I knew he would. My French title for the piece was in bad French. Moebious loved that and asked me not to change it (I didn’t). He thought it was funny.

Love to you all!

8 thoughts on “Pals – 1993

  1. Absolutely did not know that Moebius knew Cheech Marin.

  2. I like the picture….you both look as two very talented artistes……

  3. Actually, I thought the photo was from that well known crime drama, The American Connection. Bill, while on the subject of Moebius, have you seen the documentary Jodorowsky’s Dune? I saw it a few months ago at the cinema, and I believe it is now out on video, and I must say it is quite good. I was very surprised to see that you were not one of the talking heads in this particular movie. A must see for everyone that drops in on this site!

  4. I must say that I liked very much your presentation of jean’s art he really leave us a lot of very good art for us to remember him for ever……also did you ever have a chance to see the art of Hiroshi Yoshida? he was also a very very good artist…
    I send you a very worm abrazo de amigos de siempre……..

  5. @Roman:
    I’m a huge fan of Hiroshi Yoshida’s work. There is an excellent book on his prints.

    I’m dying to see that film, as most of the participants are friends of mine. “Alien” would have never looked like “Alien” without the Jodorowsky “Dune” art department. Nor would “Bladerunner” without Ridley’s exposure to O’Bannon and Moebius’ “The Long Tomorrow”.

  6. I saw Moebius at Golden Apple as well, but I think it was more like 1987. The “Moebius 1 — Upon A Star” had just come out from Marvel (Epic) and he signed that for me. Bill, you look like your name should be Juan Esteban.

  7. This photo was shot back when I was augmenting my art career by running a Mexican drug cartel (Richard Hescox and Dave Stevens were my drug mules). I went legit soon after that and began pushing coffee as “Juan Valdez”. Now, of course, I’m Dos Equis’ “Most Interesting Man in the World”.

    Stay thirsty, my friends.

  8. Dear Mr Stout I have a few bootleg records of Rolling Stones from late 60- early 70s with artwork accrediting William g Stout on Stoneaged and other records, I’m just wondering if it’s your artwork sir?

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