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NEW Stout Sketchbooks!

Woo hoo! I made it to #20! This baby debuted last week at Comic-Con International. Inside, you’ll find more of my typical diversity — from my book cover designs for the hard-boiled detective McBleak to my never-before-seen Victorian mansion designs for the film Wicked Lovely; from new Dragon Con logo designs to my T-shirt and Program Book art for WesterCon 67; from my illustrations for Yusuf‘s (Cat Stevens) new CD to my portraits of five Yardbirds; plus three new Peter Pan plates, a faux Weird Science Fantasy comic book cover and much, much more! Maintain the tradition and complete your collection!

Also premiering at Comic-Con was my new Monsters Sketchbook. All the classic monsters are here, but this fifth volume of All Things Monster is a bit different from the previous Monster Sketchbooks, as it contains my loving tributes to four of cinema’s greatest monster makers: Lon Chaney, Jack Pierce, Milicent Patrick and Paul Blaisdell. In addition, there are black and white representations of my three recent posters for Godzilla, Nosferatu and Mad Monster Party. Don’t miss it!

WAIT — there’s MORE!

I’m having a sale on my full color Flesk Publications book William Stout PREHISTORIC LIFE MURALS: 25% off, for a new retail price of just $30. You can’t beat that price for what I consider my best, most personal and lavish tome. And it gets better — you still get a free sketch inside each murals book you purchase. Birthday present? Early Christmas present? A treat to yourself? Order now!

3 thoughts on “NEW Stout Sketchbooks!

  1. Yay! Heading there now.

  2. I love the “framed” cover to the new monsters sketchbook. That’s just wonderful.
    I keep hoping you’ll do something similar with the critters from Hammer Films:
    Chris Lee as Dracula, Chris Lee as Frankenstein’s monster, Chris Lee as The
    Mummy, and just for variety, The Reptile, The Gorgon, some of Ray Harryhausen’s
    dinosaurs from One Million Years B. C., perhaps squabbling over Raquel Welch,
    Oliver Reed’s werewolf, various and sundry Brides of Dracula, etc. So how’s that for
    a group shot? And let us not forget those shuffling, soulless, ghouls with boiled egg
    eyeballs from Plague of the Zombies.

    Hey, I did just celebrate another birthday so I think I’ll check out the baazaar too.
    Gotta drink my tana leaf tea first though.

    Best wishes,

  3. @Rick:
    Thanks always for your kind and generous support!

    @ Aaron:
    You, too, my friend.

    You must have been reading my mind. I’m very enthused about doing a Hammer tribute. Plague of the Zombies, BTW, surprised me by its fine quality and creepiness.

    …and Happy Birthday!

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