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Comic Con International

The final installment of the Moebius tips for comic book artists will have to wait (believe me, it’ll be worth the wait), as I am about to head down to San Diego for Comic Con International. If you’re one of the lucky few (130,000) to get tickets, please come by my booth over in the area of the Dealers Room set aside for illustrators and fantasy illustration (my double booth will be in my usual spot). I will have the booth set up as an art gallery with 50 original works for sale, including my huge Nosferatu piece commissioned by Mondo.

I will also debut William Stout -50 Convention Sketches Volume 20 (!) and Monsters Sketchbook Volume 5.

I hope to see you there!

2 thoughts on “Comic Con International

  1. Great…new books!

  2. Bill,

    I won’t be doing SDCC again this year. My wife and I are meeting our daughters for a week in Colorado.
    As usual, Bill, I hope you save some of the new books for your store. I’ll buy them as soon as they’re made available.
    Have fun.

    Rick Tucker

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