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18 Tips for Comic Book Artists by Jean “Moebius” Giraud: #13

This next tip is rather difficult to illustrate, so I decided to go a different route. Since music is the main topic here, the pictures used as illustrations for Tip #13 are all Jimi Hendrix related.

Moebius and I shared a huge passion for Jimi Hendrix. Most of the pictures here came from a fantastic boxed Moebius portfolio devoted to Jimi Hendrix. These are some of my favorite works by Jean. Here is the cover to that box:

13) There is a connection between music and drawing.

I often see my own big paintings as symphonies, with color accents performing as grace notes.

The size of that connection depends upon your personality and what’s going on at that moment.

I can also look at one of my paintings and tell you what piece of music I was listening to when I created certain passages in the painting.

This was the first Moebius Hendrix piece, an actual foldout LP cover, drawn many years prior to Jean's Hendrix portfolio.

For the last ten years I’ve been working in silence; for me, there is music in the rhythm of my lines.

Although I don’t work in silence (except when I’m writing), I can see how drawing and painting in silence might give one greater concentration or focus.

Drawing at times is a search for discoveries.

Yes! And feel free to take chances and make mistakes. I think I learn more from my mistakes than from my successes. You also open up the opportunity for what we in The Biz call “happy accidents”.

A precise, beautifully executed line is like an orgasm!

I don’t recall the perfect execution of a piece of line work ever making me cum, but it has certainly given me enormous satisfaction at times.

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  1. I appreciate the orgasm comparison. I have always thought that the thrill I get from creating a particularly fine passage or finished piece is ALMOST as good as sex. Then there are special days where I KNOW art is better (but then I regain my sanity which usually comes after having sex).

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