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Planet of the Apes Art Show Opens TODAY!

General Kong

The opening for Art of the Apes, the Planet of the Apes-themed art exhibition debuts today at 6:00 PM (the opening goes until 10:00 PM) at Creature Features (see my “Appearances” section for address and details).

I hope to see all of you there! And I can hardly wait for the next Apes movie! Two weeks!

1 thought on “Planet of the Apes Art Show Opens TODAY!

  1. Wow! This one really jumps to life in color. I think it’s the dark areas around the face and the orange background, but somehow, someway you worked your magic on it. Of course I imagine you had the color version in mind when you did the original drawing. Just terrific.
    Give us a report on all the “monkey business” at the Art of the Apes exhibition.

    Best wishes,

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