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Godzilla – 1941

Here’s a quick digital snap of my big Godzilla piece prior to coloring. The final coloring has almost been completed; as soon as it is, I’ll post it.

This is Godzilla attacking Tokyo in 1941. He’s being attacked by Japanese Zeros. That’s a vintage Japanese WWII sub in the foreground.

4 thoughts on “Gojira

  1. I demand this be a companion piece to your Mondo King Kong print!

  2. I offered it to Mondo; they declined, saying that Toho was too difficult to deal with as a licensor.

  3. Hey, this is great Mr. Stout. Love the Japanese supersub. I talked to a Japanese pastor years ago who made it back after serving on a submarine crew. He said his was one of three that survived.
    I saw in the book of preproduction film art Godzilla: the Art of Destruction a version of the monster that was close to your dinosaur design. It was rejected for being too close to a T-Rex. Since when has that been a problem?
    Can’t wait to see this in color. And it’s also a great notion for film (with animation by Willis O’brien and Ray Harryhausen if my dreams came true).

  4. Bill,

    Love the color job you did on this piece. Post man, post!

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