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General Kong

I’m looking forward to the Art of the Apes show at Creature Features,the Planet of the Apes-themed art exhibition opening this Saturday (see “Appearances” on this website). I saw some very cool stuff when I dropped off my piece (see above for the black and white version; I’ll run the color version later this week). I’m looking forward to the new Planet of the Apes movie, too. That last one was killer.

I hope to see you there!

3 thoughts on “PLANET OF THE APES Show Coming!

  1. Nice, Bill…can’t wait to see it colored!

    BTW, speaking of gorillas, I am working on a Joe Young sculpt. Probably one of the most frustrating things I have done in a while, because he has so many different heads, and noses, etc. Not as different as the Kong variations but more subtle ones that still matter. Thought it would be easy with all my reference, but I keep trying to nail down what it is.

  2. Nice portrait. Want to ask- What was the genesis of your boarder design that has become a trademark of much of your work? I cop it on occasion. Thanks

  3. @Rick:
    I feel your pain. Artists don’t realize how difficult it is to do a good Kong or Joe Young likeness until they attempt it. Look at all the Kong sculptures out there that are just off by a little bit…but off enough that it hurts the likeness.

    My border design accomplishes a couple of things.

    I rule it first, inking the border with a straight edge. That gives me a nice, clean, precisely measured confined space in which to work. But the sterility of a pure, straight line bothers me, so I add the the second border line freehand on the outside edge of the ruled border, giving my border the illusion of being organic. I end up with the best of both worlds that way.

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