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Today’s the big Godzilla art day at Creature Features in Burbank! I’m just about to rush over there to see their Godzilla art show (location and other details in this site’s “Appearances” section).

I’ve got two pieces in the show….the one above and a huge (40″ x 30″) new ink piece depicting Godzilla in 1941 being attacked by Japanese Zeros and a WWII Japanese submarine. Mount Fuji’s in the background, along with downtown Tokyo, including the famous clock tower destroyed by Godzilla in the first Godzilla movie.

I got an advance peek at the show. John Fasano created a wonderful, very dramatic piece.

I hope to see you there! Leaving in a few minutes (it’s 2:00 PM now)!

2 thoughts on “GODZILLA Today!

  1. Nice one, Bill! Looking forward to seeing the large one….wondering if it’s a low-level composition from the subs POV looking upward…or what other delight it might be….

  2. Hey Mr. Stout,

    I love the portrait drawing. And I sure would like to see the other one you described. Please post it here if you have the chance.

    I am hopeful about the new movie. Just got a feeling that they will get it right this time.

    Best wishes,

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