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World Boogie Is Coming!

I can’t let another day go by without singing the praises of the new CD by the North Mississippi Allstars, World Boogie Is Coming.

I think it’s their best recording yet; it pushes all of my blues buttons. The music is a terrific, creative combination of the old and new. The North Mississippi Allstars are primarily the brain child of the Dickinson brothers, Luther and Cody. They produced the CD and invited all the guest performers.

And their guest performers are extraordinary.

Robert Plant‘s harmonica wails on the opening tracks, “JR” and “Goat Meat”. Big heaps of sludgy fuzz bass guitar and a booming bass drum form the foundation for their version of “Rollin ‘n Tumblin”. Junior Parker‘s “Feelin’ Good” gets re-energized here as “Boogie”. A dirty, grungy slide snakes through “Shimmy”.

Fife and drums blues (a form of proto-blues dating back to the Civil War) master Otha Turner shows up on “That Dog After That Rabbit”, “Shimmy” and “Granny, Does Your Dog Bite”, as well as popping up here and there on other tracks. Alvin Youngblood Hart adds to the fun. The old Willie Dixon blues chestnut “My Babe” gets a fantastic and surprising reworking.

The NMA also cover songs by RL Burnside (with Burnside samples), Junior Kimbrough, Bukka White, Sleepy John Estes and Furry Lewis.

They all blend well with the inspired NMA originals.

There are 17 tracks in all, plus a download card that lets you access five bonus tracks (including a cover of Mississippi Fred McDowell‘s “Crazy Bout You”) and an assortment of fine videos.

My only complaint is that I wish there were detailed personnel listing for all the songs in the illustrated liner notes. Who plays that great funky snare drum shuffle throughout the record?

In my humble opinion (oh, hell — my opinion is rarely humble!), this is the NMA’s Revolver. Can their blues equivalent of a Sgt. Pepper be far behind?

4 thoughts on “World Boogie Is Coming!

  1. Beautiful illustrations!

  2. Thanks, Rick!

    Note that Junior Parker does not appear in my Legends of the Blues book. He’ll show up in Volume Three: Modern Legends of the Blues, as he was born post-1920, my birth cut-off date for the first book.

    I’m a third of the way through my second volume…

  3. LOVE NMA! Saw them at Bonnaroo making the live CD they released and have seen them several times since here in Atlanta-especially fun when they play with Hill Country Review which has crossover with Cody Dickinson. Unfortunately, couldn’t see them at Music Midtown two weeks ago, but certainly plan to check em out next time they roll through here. I have been digging into the blues book before bed at night-great stuff Bill! Can’t wait to see future volumes. Benno

  4. With further investigation, I think that’s Cody Dickinson playing those great shuffles on his snare (and other drums). Funky and brilliant!

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