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Great Time at GrandCon!

I just had the best time at GrandCon in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It was hard to believe it was their first show, it was so well organized. It was devoted to comics and gaming (primarily gaming) and the attendance exceeded all expectations.

I got to hang out with my pal, the talented and jovial Mark Nelson and great fans from around the area like Matt Mulford.
Thanks, Mark and Brian for a wonderful show! See you next year!

6 thoughts on “Great Time at GrandCon!

  1. Hi Bill,

    It was a HUGE pleasure to be able to talk with you and monopolize your time on Sunday:) Thanks for getting back to Michigan.

  2. I think it is absolutely WONDERFUL that Bill makes so many cons each year! I know I always appreciate the chance to see him and talk with him.

  3. Hey Bill, it WAS a hoot! It was a blast seeing you again and having you at the first annual Grand Con! Getting to talk shop and trade laughs is always a good time with you! Say, I certainly hope you feel you were wined and dined as per my promise! Grand Con 2014 is already being shaped and molded for even MORE West Michigan Wildness! Take care buddy!

  4. @ Matt:
    I always enjoy meeting great fans like you, Matt!

    See me when you can, folks! I’ve decided I need to cut way back on my appearances next year. It’s getting harder and harder for this ol’ geezer (as my kids call me) to schlepp all my heavy books from city to city, plus the travel seems to be cutting severely into my art producing time.

    @ Scott:
    I’m completely embarrassed I forgot to thank you in the entry above, as you were the big mucky-muck responsible for Mark and me being at the Grand Rapids show! THANK YOU, amigo! It was great getting to spend some quality time with you and your lovely (and talented) wife, Soooooozie (she inspires a happy “ooh!” or two)! More laughs to come, my friend!

  5. Wow, now it’s my turn, Bill! I completely lost track of checking on things online and didn’t give you the wink and a nod for your kind redress! 🙂 Well, hey, it’s all cool! I hope we can see you back at Grand Con this year even with your reduced travel agenda. (Not to worry, we got lots of young strong backs here to carry your cool tomes about. You are covered my friend; fageddabotit! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Oh hey, just saw you on the “Making It” video preview. Looks like a VERY interesting new take on modern creativity pursuits …. any info on it you can share?

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