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Dragon*Con — YIKES!

I was enjoying a leisurely morning today until I got a call from a business colleague regarding our appearing at Dragon*Con. He seemed to be more stressed than necessary with the show still being over a week away. I asked him about that.

He informed me that the show’s set-up begins tomorrow. I asked, “Why? The show’s not for another week.”

“Bill — the show starts on Friday!

“No it doesn’t! Just a minute…”

I pulled out my vendor info sheet. Sure enough, just as I recalled, the Dragon*Con dates on that sheet were for September 6-9.

I checked online, though, and was shocked to discover that the sheet Dragon*Con sent me was wrong; Dragon*Con was indeed starting on Friday.

So, I’m in panic mode today. My flight leaves tomorrow morning. I’ve still got to pack and it means I won’t make my grandson’s birthday party this weekend. Aaaaargh! as we say in the funny books.

See all you southern fans this Friday, I guess! Try to find me at my new location: Tables 13 and 14 in the Atlanta Convention Center at AmericasMart.

1 thought on “Dragon*Con — YIKES!

  1. As Bill tap dances out the door without missing a beat…..

    (BTW, I treasure that dancing comment you made when we getting our picture together…)

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