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Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad. Holy cow — this may be the best series on TV right now.

My wife and I have been watching episodes in batches through NetFlix via Roku.

Seasons One and Two are very good. But beginning with Season Three, the show easily surpassed The Sopranos in terms of both quality and consistency. And Season Four had me shouting and cheering out loud at times (I’m surprised my neighbors didn’t rush over to see what the ruckus was about).

The scripts are amazing — and getting better. The acting deserves all the many awards it has received — and more. Top notch and appropriate cinematography and production design as well.

If you haven’t watched this series, start. If you have but dropped out before Season Three, give it another shot.

I haven’t watched these on DVD yet. My pal Sam brought a couple of sets over. Each one has about 13 hours in extras! I can’t wait to sample the commentaries and behind the scenes stuff.

My favorite characters are Gus and Mike, BTW.

We are living in a new Golden Age of Television.

2 thoughts on “Breaking Bad

  1. Just started watching this on Roku. Wow. And we are also watching “Fringe”. Another great sci-fi series in the vein of the X-Files.

  2. So true, Bill… just an incredible show, actual wish I did watch them in batches…
    but I was hooked from the first episode… everything clicks on that show the casting, cinematography, pacing and of course the GREAT scripts. Vince Gilligan is really on his game, viewed an interview with hime by Charlie Rose – very insightful.

    And you are right about this being the new Golden Age in TV, other favorites are Dexter, Homeland, Ray Donovan, Game of Thrones, Justified, Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire and Under The Dome is good, but I feel the hype for that show exceeds the quality (IMHO).

    BTW – practically every day I’m browsing through your Blues book, what treat, hey how is the re launch of Alien Worlds going?

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