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New Stout Sketchbooks Available!

I debuted two new sketchbooks at Comic-Con International this last week.

The first (pictured above) is William Stout 50 Convention Sketches Volume 19. I can scarcely believe I’ve produced that many in the series! I’ll have to do something very special for Volume 20.

But Volume 19 is special on its own. It includes new drawings and rarely seen images from the Stout archives. Subject matter includes barbarians, ERB characters, dinosaurs, comic art, animation designs, blues portraits, and the first two drawings for my ten plate Peter Pan portfolio.

Limited to 950 copies, each signed and numbered by Yours Truly, this baby is ready for Priority shipping. Like the others, it’s just $15 plus shipping.

The second book (cover shown above) is William Stout Monsters Sketchbook Volume 4.

This Monster Kid Hall of Famer has lovingly crafted another thrilling volume with favorite monsters from the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. Once again, I’ve included a section of my own designs for page and screen in the back of the book. That section displays a couple of my early designs for Hunter (you’d know this successful movie by its final release name: Predator).

Limited to 950 copies, each signed and numbered (don’t hesitate; Volumes 1 and 2 are sold out); Priority shipping. Also just $15 (plus shipping).

You can order both books from the William Stout Bazaar on this site. Shipping is just six bucks per order, no matter how many books you buy. What a deal!

I hand-colored the original cover art for each book and thought you would like to see the two pieces in their color versions. Here they are:

They’re for sale, BTW. Each piece is framed. The 50 Convention Sketches cover sells for $6000 (plus shipping); the Monsters cover is priced at $6500 (plus shipping). Contact me if you’re interested; time payments available.

More about Comic-Con tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “New Stout Sketchbooks Available!

  1. Love it! And really like the colored dragon/girl cover. Heading to the store now! Thanks!

  2. Beautiful color work there, Mr. Stout. I’ll have to get my order in for the new sketchbooks. Are some of the Hammer films critters in the new Monsters book?
    I’m afraid I’m still waiting on a winning lottery ticket before I’ll be able to buy one of your color pieces.

  3. @ Aaron: No Hammer this time (although there’s a Curse of Frankenstein drawing in 50 Convention Sketches Volume 18) but I’m working on several right now for Monsters Sketchbook – Volume Five.

    On that subject, I just completed my collection of Poverty Row Horrors DVDs — so expect to see some of those critters, too! There’s a great book out on those movies by Tom Weaver, one of the best writers about horror films around.

    I hope that ALL of my fans will win the lottery!

  4. Can’t wait for volume 5. I’d love to see your take on The Gorgon, The Reptile, Oliver Reed’s werewolf, and the various Hammer vampires. And of course some of those curlicue pillars from Bernard Robinson’s famous sets would make for a wonderful background touch.

    For now I’ll be content (happy even) with these two new sketchbooks.

  5. The sketch of the girl on the dragon looks very much like the collaborative effort between you and Dave Stevens for Dragon Con. Is it in way related?

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