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More Legends of the Blues Reviews

I’ve got a couple of great reviews to share. These guys really understood my goals with the book.

This first review is by Randy Fox, who interviewed me this last weekend in Louisville (where I was on their local NBC morning news show) at VinylFest:

This next review is from this morning’s Washington Post:

I am bound and determined to do what it takes to make this book a bestseller.

This is part of a note that Richard Foos, the president and founder of Shout! Factory (and co-founder of Rhino Records) sent to me regarding Legends of the Blues:

“I’ve been in deep blues research for years and have read at least 15 books on it, yet somehow yours in a concise way brings it all together more than any history of the blues ever could. By reading your book cover to cover you understand the entire history.

I’m meeting Dion today, as we’re talking about an album project. I’m going to give him my copy and then buy a bunch to give to record collector friends as I see them.”

I can’t begin to tell you how gratifying the response to my book has been for me. Thanks, everyone!

3 thoughts on “More Legends of the Blues Reviews

  1. Always a treat to see another of your variations of your style.

  2. Mr. Stout,

    I suppose you heard this sad news about Bobby “Blue” Bland.–Music-Obit-Bobby.Blue.Bland/

  3. @Aaron: Yes, indeed. I’m happy I got to see Bobby “Blue” Bland in Austin a few years ago. He’ll be included within my Modern Legends of the Blues book.

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