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Legends of the Blues Debuts Today!

My latest book, Legends of the Blues, debuts today (a couple of days prior to its official May 7 release date) with a signing at La Luz de Jesus gallery (affiliated with Los Angeles pop culture pioneers Soap Plant and Wacko; see “Appearances” on this site for details) beginning at 6:00 PM.

Tomorrow I’ll be signing in Sherman Oaks at Freakbeat Records, the coolest record shop in southern California.

My book has been getting rave reviews, most notably from Mother Jones magazine and the Los Angeles Times. I just did an extensive interview for Comic Book Resources (which should appear in about a week), as well as an interview for an Athens, Greece (!) fansite.

I am really looking forward to the public’s reaction to this book. It’s been a total labor of love from start to finish. I am already hard at work on the sequel!

3 thoughts on “Legends of the Blues Debuts Today!

  1. Bill,

    You released this on my birthday. You’re such a pal!


  2. The book just arrived today. Love it. I am your senior by a few years, and have been loving, listening to, and playing country blues since the late sixties. Actually got my first set of Crumb cards from Yazoo records down on Waverly place in NYC. Guessing you may have much of their original catalog. Just wanted to share that there are a lot of us out here who love the music, and this book is a delightful addition to its legacy. PS, I hyped it on FB. 🙂

  3. Thanks, Bob!

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