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Getting Ready for Boston

Well, fuck the terrorists; I’m going to Boston anyway. This weekend I’ll be at the Boston Comic Con. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in that great city.

What do I love about Boston? The great art (I never miss seeing the Edwin Austin Abbey Holy Grail murals and the John Singer Sargent Symbolist murals at the Boston Public Library), the great food, the sense of American history that is there and, most of all, the great people of Boston with their unique spirit and outlook on life. If you have a friend from Boston, you know you have someone that’s got your back in any situation.

I wouldn’t think of cancelling on this show. I hope you won’t either. It’s going to be great!

PS: Up above is another of the monster pics I did for Monsterpalooza. Drawn and inked in 2012 but colored about a week ago.

3 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Boston

  1. Hey Bill, don’t know if you are going to be in Boston past the con dates, but there is a major Samurai exhibition at the Art Museum as well as an Anders Zorn (Sweden’s Sargent!) show at the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum at the moment!
    I hope to hit both of them on Friday, fingers crossed.

  2. Thanks for the reminder, Mike! If I can squeeze it in, I’ll make it over to the Zorn show. I’m a huge fan!

  3. Nice!…again……

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