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Tyler’s Third Act

I feel so bad about not continuing the step-by-step so, to satisfy your jones for new limited edition Stout art, go to this link: and click on the “Artwork” tab.

I designed the cover for this limited edition book, and loaded up the interior with lots of black & white illustrations, a few of which are displayed on the link.

Tyler’s Third Act is a terrific horror novella written by my long time friend, film director and screenwriter Mick Garris. It’s a truly chilling story. I also wrote a short piece about the process of illustrating this tale that’s included within the book.

Nearly all of the Cemetery Dance limited editions (there is no trade edition for this book) sell out quickly, so now’s the time to reserve your copy!

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Ooops! Sorry!

I will have to delay the King Kong step-by-steps as they interfere with a number of processes that involve both Mondo and the licensing studio.


To make up for it, tomorrow I’ll post a page (or perhaps the cover) to my Alien Worlds story.