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Packing Day

Today’s packing day for Anaheim‘s WonderCon, not to be confused with Louisville, Kentucky‘s WonderFest (see above; to further fog your brain, dear reader, I have illustrated this WonderCon Journal entry with a photo of me taken by Charlie McGrady as we took a little time out to hunt for dinosaurs — still legal in Kentucky — during WonderFest — not WonderCon).

My pal Brian Gaughan will be helping this old dude (me) pack up for the show. I think it’s a little nuts scheduling WonderCon on Easter weekend, but I guess the convention took what it could get. Last year’s show broke all WonderCon attendance records.

NOTE: I will only be exhibiting Friday and Saturday. I’ll be packing up on Saturday night so that I can spend Easter with my family — not at a convention, but at home. I’ll be easy to find at the show, as I’m in a great location. My table is right at the entrance, opposite my pal Bob Chapman and his delightful minions at Graphitti Designs.

Since I won’t be staying in Anaheim but returning home each evening, if there is anything special I should bring for you that I might have forgotten, e-mail me and I’ll swing by my studio on the way down to the show and pick it up for you.

Oh, about WonderFest…that’s coming up in May. I do their official T-shirt every year. It’s one of those rare instances when I don’t insist on doing the color for my design. Lee Staton, one of WonderFest’s founding fathers, always does a helluva job on the color (and sometimes, the added design elements) for my shirts. I’m delighted every time I see what Lee has done. I’m sure that this year’s shirt will be no exception. Here’s a preview of this year’s recently completed design (without Lee’s color):

I’ve got a pretty good track record with my WonderFest T-shirt designs; they almost always sell out at the show. I’ve received an amazing response from folks who have seen this design. I hope that’s a positive harbinger of sales to come…

8 thoughts on “Packing Day

  1. Wished I could be there…..have a great weekend at the con and Happy Easter!

  2. Thanks, Rick! I’m looking forward to both!

  3. I will be adding this t-shirt to my collection!

  4. Great T-shirt design.
    Puts me in mind of the moment in Harryhausen’s Gwangi just before the styracosaurs wanders in to save the professor’s bacon from Gwangi. The professor refuses to leave his freshly killed pterodactyl and James Franciscus tells him “There’s a big lizard headed this way.”
    “I’m not leaving.”
    “Suit yourself. It’s your funeral.”
    Exit James Franciscus.
    Enter Gwangi.
    Professor (in awe) “I see what you mean, Mr. Kirby.”
    Somehow the old men in Harryhausen movies get all the funniest lines.

    Sorry about the tangent. GREAT T SHIRT!

  5. Bill,

    Love that T-shirt Design, man. Good Stuff!! 🙂 Happy Easter to you my friend.

  6. Actually, it just hit me as pretty funny that a TRex could sneak up on you….

  7. @ Rick:
    Elephants have the ability to move silently through the forest, so why not tyrannosaurs?

  8. I didn’t realize they could move silently. I figured the TRex would be stepping on small branches and snapping them, or crushing ground-plant life, or brushing against the branches in the air. Guess I better be more careful next time I am in elephant country…..thanks for the warning.

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