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Before & Afta

As promised yesterday, here’s the splash page to my story for the revivified comic book classic, Alien Worlds. Bruce Jones, the comic’s original creator, is the writer-editor. RAW Studios (the brainchild of Thomas Jane and Tim Bradstreet) is the publisher.

I have great fondness for Alien Worlds, as one cover (the T. rex and the Girl) put me on the auction records map as a collectible artists when the original fetched a record price at a Christie’s auction. The other cover (an astronaut sinking into the ground, surrounded by nasty little creatures) inadvertently launched my film career.

No street date yet. I should have the cover finished today.

6 thoughts on “Before & Afta

  1. Bill

    Tell me Joe Chiodo is going to color this. Remember when he did that wonderfully delicate job over the “Alien Worlds” story drawn by Bruce himself and inked by Dave Stevens?! I still swoon over those pages. But, please, watch who colors this. I’m sure you realize a quality color job makes all the difference (Only saying because there are too many poorly colored comics out there). BTW, this page is cracking good! Can’t wait to buy my copy.

  2. P.S.-I’m sure Roy, Frank and Al will be hootin’ and hollerin’ over these pages from above.

  3. Really nice. First panel is a great tribute to Al Williamson’s work in Weird Science and Weird Fantasy. And also a touch of Frazetta. Oh wait, just noticed the “For Roy, Frank, and Al”.

  4. I am happy about a good reason to go to the comic shop. My whining plea-bring the pages to Dragon Con so I can check em out!!

  5. I’ve done a search of the Internet, and I can find no trace of this comic. I have all the issues of Alien Worlds by Bruce Jones, and this story is not among them. Where is this comic, so I can purchase it?

    I suppose, though, that it’s one of those comics that never saw the light of day.

  6. @Sean: The book has not been given a publication date yet.

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