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Looking for New Studio Space

Well, it’s the end of an era. After over 25 years of having my large, grand studio in what was once the ballroom of the Evanston Inn, a white Victorian luxury hotel built in 1872, the building has been sold and I have been given 60 days (now at 50 and counting down) to vacate.

Of course, I had just turned it into my dream studio, recently spending over $5000 cleaning and fixing the place up.

So, I need a big, new space. If you hear of anything in the Pasadena or general San Gabriel Valley area, please contact me through this website and let me know about it. You’ll have my deepest appreciation.

Thanks, my friends, and wish me luck!

5 thoughts on “Looking for New Studio Space

  1. I pray that you will find an equally nice studio space, or a better one, for relatively the same money or less. Or maybe some benefactor and patron of the arts or fim mogul would donate a space.


  2. Thanks, Rick! I’ve been unbelievably lucky in that regard so far. My first studio was my legendary La Brea Studio, another huge space that also housed Richard Hescox, Dave Stevens and Paul Chadwick. It’s now a medical marijuana dispensary (!).

    My current soon-to-be-vacated studio is pretty spectacular, even bigger than my La Brea space and in a much more interesting building.

    I was blessed with extremely low rents in both places.

  3. C’mon, Bill. Surely you’ve got plenty of connections in (or dirt on) past “Big Time Hollywood” associates who would gladly donate you a place. Provided you keep those photographs of “suspect behavior” away from internet release, of course. Just remind them of what a swell guy you are and how their secret’s safe with you, all for the small price of a spacious, high rent studio. Heh, heh. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  4. Everyone needs to re-read Jim’s post and hear Jon Lovitz deliver the WHOLE thing(not just the last line), and that’s really funny…especially giving the “Provided” line his throw-away delivery….then UP and BRIGHT on the “Just remind them of what a swell guy you are…”

    I’m still laughing, Jim…I love Jon Lovitz…..that was great.

  5. Glad to have been of service, Rick…(uh, did I just subconciously channel John Lovitz?)

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