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Website Sales Department Down

It’s always something. PHP (Personal Home Page) just upgraded their system in a way that made my online shop, the William Stout Bazaar, non-functional. You can’t see anything, you can’t buy anything (thanks, guys, for not making it retro-compatible).

Although there is never a great time for losing one’s website shop, this happened just as I had announced three new books (see previous post). A few orders got through, and I am filling them.

For those of you who haven’t ordered but were going to, you can always snail mail me a check at:
William Stout, Inc.
1468 Loma Vista Street
Pasadena, CA 91104-4709

The books are $15 each. Please add $6.00 shipping per order (that’s per order — not per book. In other words, if you order all three new books, the shipping will be just six bucks.).

Or, you can order my books on the net through my pals Bud Plant or Stuart Ng. They both are carrying the new volumes (plus a lot of my previous volumes). The front covers won’t be signed, though (although the inside front cover of every book is signed and numbered).

I’ll let you know when it’s all up and running again. My two genius sons tell me that it appears I’ll have to rebuild my entire website from scratch.

Aaaaaargh! as we say in the comics.

2 thoughts on “Website Sales Department Down

  1. Technology…can’t live with it…..can’t live without it….

  2. On the plus side, this could be an opportunity to mix it up and create a whole new look to your site.

    Congrats on your new publications. 🙂

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