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Three New Stout/Terra Nova Sketchbooks!

I prepared and published three brand new Terra Nova Press books in time for Comic-Con International. The first is William Stout – 50 Convention Sketches – Volume 18. There are actually more than fifty drawings in this book and is perhaps my most diverse sketchbook collection so far. It includes lots of new or rare monster drawings, movie poster studies, concept art, T-shirt designs and dinosaurs (of course!). There are even two drawings I did when I was just sixteen: a pen drawing illustrating a scene from Robert E. Howard’s “Red Nails” and a pen illustration for an Edgar Rice Burroughs story. Feel free to laugh!

Next up is Real Women Volume 3, my third figure drawing collection from my Sunday figure drawing workshop (also known as “Bill’s Church” by some participants or by my own term for the sessions: “Worshiping at the Temple of the Holy Female Form”). Over 75 drawings featuring a diverse range of beautiful women! I love every one of them — I hope it shows!

Last but by no means least is Zdenek Burian 2 – Prehistoric Man (sorry about the cover glare; it’s not actually seen on any of the books). This second volume by the Czech master illustrator collects over 120 black and white drawings (mostly pen, but also some scratchboard and charcoal drawings) of prehistoric man and his ancestors, never before seen in the United States.

This book is produced solely to expose more of Burian’s great pictures to art fans and collectors in the USA. Terra Nova Press lost money on the first book (Zdenek Burian 1 – Prehistoric Life) and it’s expected this book will lose even more (dinosaurs are so much more popular than cavemen). That’s OK by me — people need to see this great work!

This book includes a reminiscence on my 1980 attempt to meet Mr. Burian in his home city of Prague at the height of the Cold War. Was I successful? Was I arrested by the Secret Police? Read my essay and find out!

All three books are signed, numbered and limited and sell for the low price of just fifteen dollars each. They are available in the William Stout Bazaar section of this website.

3 thoughts on “Three New Stout/Terra Nova Sketchbooks!

  1. Very cool! Good to see a chance for some new Stout work to grace our shelves. And Burian’s work is always nice to see.


  2. Bill,

    I especially loved the SECRET of NIMH pieces…one of my favorite films. I am curious how or where the illustrations were used. I think I recall seeing the logo piece, but never the illo. Also really liked the Ayla thumbnails.


  3. Hi Rick,
    I plan to post a picture-by-picture ID of 50 Convention Sketches Volume 18 on my Journal page in the near future. If any sketchbook needs something like this, it’s this one.

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