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A More Perfect Union Needs Your Help!

Jim Earp is a dear friend of mine. We recently collaborated on a project that is near and dear to my heart. A More Perfect Union will be a public access website that will clearly explain (in completely non-partisan fashion) the United States Constitution. Jim is on the last leg of his Kickstarter program, attempting to raise the necessary funds to make this happen. I hope that you can contribute.

My involvement? Jim hired me to design the site’s cartoon characters and paint some of the site’s backdrops and backgrounds. If you’d just like to see more of my art, that should reason be enough to contribute (I hope). Here’s Jim’s posting on my Facebook page (I updated the deadline to keep this post current):

Jim Earp posted on your Wall

Well folks, we have just until midnight, tonight to raise a little less than $18,000.00 for “A More Perfect Union.” We’ve been honored with a bunch of generous, giant-hearted donors already, and to them especially, our deepest thanks. But if all my friends and all my friends’ friends (those who can afford it only and if you can’t, don’t even think of sweating it), would throw in one measly tax-deductible buck, we could make it. Look at it this way: We can civilly, honestly, accurately enlighten the average citizen this way, or go ahead and let them be indoctrinated the the Koch Brothers/Fox News way. I don’t see much middle ground. Wouldn’t it be worth a tax-deductible buck or five to make a decent effort to slow the rot? As the great Lewis Lapham has asked on more than one occasion, “What possible use could the current crop of elected leaders have for an informed electorate?” Let’s show ’em.”

4 thoughts on “A More Perfect Union Needs Your Help!

  1. Bill,

    Love the bear character. It always amazes me how well you do realistic and cartoon stylings. In the “Uncle Sam pointing” pose, I would love to see his head traced off with just a bit of angle into the hand. But both are wonderful.


  2. Hi Rick,
    The “I Want You” oval piece is a rough, obviously. I was eager to get this up and posted — I didn’t have time to search for the finish (if I did one; I think I did) to help out Jim and his project in a timely manner.

    If I find the finish, I’ll post it. It might already include your suggested changes!

  3. Very valuable project Bill. And great character designs. I hope the website will find its way to the masses and to the people who need to see it. This country needs a meeting of the minds with all ego, selfishness and hatred removed. I am very grateful people like yourself are out there working for reason. And, I’ll bet Walt Kelly, Thomas Nast and Tex Avery are all smiling down on your art and the project.

  4. Thanks, Matt! You’ve put me in great company!

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