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The San Diego Zoo Murals – Part Twenty Nine

I continued to work on the right hand third of the Pleistocene mural, mostly landscape and plant work.

I did add another animal, which helped to expand the American lion‘s (Panthera atrox) story. The new species added was the dwarf pronghorn (Capromeryx minor), which the lion has just killed. So, the lion’s story changes from a lion looking all noble, surveying its kingdom, to a lion guarding its freshly killed prey.

I also “cleaned up” the water, smoothing over all the rough patches and doing a bit of blend work, as well as cleaning up the capybara reflections.

Here’s how that turned out:

I figure that, hopefully, today should be it. As soon as its finished (either today or tomorrow morning), it will go right off to my photographer, Blue Trimarchi at ArtWorks, to be professionally shot for the San Diego Zoo.

One more series of small steps and touch-ups to go!

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  1. It continues to amaze…..

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