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The San Diego Zoo Murals – Part Twenty Six

As you can see, I made enormous progress over the weekend.

It’s all about botany and landscapes now. I need to carefully choose the plant species from the Pleistocene and place them in their appropriate habitats. I also need to evoke the Pleistocene landscape of San Diego, when it was much wetter and cooler.

There’s a lot of detail that’s been added, so I’ve made this image a little larger than my usual postings (click on the image to make it bigger).

This left third of the mural is nearly finished. I need to delineate what’s going on in the bottom dark area. My best painting teacher, Hal Kramer, had a mantra that went “Draw, paint; draw, paint.” There’s plenty of painting in the jaguar’s little hill and the plant clump next to it; now I’ve got to go back in and draw…then paint a little more and this section of the mural will be finished.

Anything that bothers you, dear viewers, please let me know now, as I will soon be reaching the Point of No Return — that is, once I deem this baby finished, it goes to the photographer. No more changes!

Full speed ahead!

4 thoughts on “The San Diego Zoo Murals – Part Twenty Six

  1. Wow…again! THAT….is beautiful! The atmosphere and sky and final detailing on everything from the animals to the tree is superb!

    The only thing that bothers me is that one little vermillion petal may be 3 degrees rotated too much, but that’s all I could find that might need fixed……….LOL !

  2. I like that mantra, “draw, paint, draw, paint”. Glad to see that you’re as devoted to posting your progress as you are to finishing to painting. Push it ,baby, push it! I’ll be here all the way to installment #64.

  3. This is looking gorgeous. 🙂 I will somehow have to plan a trip out to San Diego in the future.

    To go back a post, the only thing that “bothered” (i don’t really think anything about the painting truly bothers me 😉 ) me were the mule deer buck’s antlers. It may just be how they appear on the computer image, but it feels like the left antler (right-hand antler in the painting) is in the background whereas the right antler (left-hand antler in the painting) is in the foreground when the left antler is technically closer to the viewer. Does anyone else think that is the case or am I crazy?

    Regardless, the painting is looking top-notch! 😀 And the layout, much like the other mural’s you’ve painted, is superb!

  4. Holy Mackerel! You’re doing a beautiful job on this, and at warp speed no less.

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