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See You at WonderCon!

I spent yesterday at WonderCon, one of the three shows (WonderCon, APE and Comic-Con International) run by the Comic-Con folks. It’s usually in San Francisco at the Moscone Center, but this year it takes place at the Anaheim Convention Center on Katella Avenue, across the street from Disneyland.

If you miss the old vibe of Comic-Con, well, it’s here at WonderCon. There’s not as much TV/Movie emphasis and yesterday there wasn’t a wait (often four hours at Comic-Con with no guarantee of getting in) for any of the panels. People can actually move about (it’s not Sardinesville like Comic-Con) and have real conversations at this show (there’s two more days, today and tomorrow).

I’m a little under the weather (I’ve got a cold), so although it would be advised not to shake hands with me, I’ll be happy to chat with you. I brought a selection of my books and art to sell. Abu and the 7 Marvels and Flesk Prime were my two big sellers yesterday. If you missed out on the big, fat Bruce Timm book (the entire run sold out in a heartbeat), our publisher, John Fleskes, brought a few to sell that he had stashed away (the Flesk Publications booth is right next to mine). Last chance! If there is anything you’re looking for in particular from me, e-mail me (see contact button on this site) and I’ll bring it tomorrow. Save on shipping charges!

A great place to be sheltered from this crappy weather (L. A. just got hit with an Arctic storm), I look forward to seeing you at WonderCon today and/or tomorrow!

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