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A Sad, Sad Week…

This last week or so has been a really bad one. We lost my dear friend and one of the greatest comic book artists of our time Jean “Moebius” Giraud, my friend and founder of the Firesign Theatre Peter Bergman, E. C. comics great John Severin, Davy Jones of The Monkees, classic Disney songwriter Robert Sherman and Star Wars designer (and a main reason I was able to break into the film biz) Ralph McQuarrie.

If Death comes in threes, we got the Double Whammy this time.

I will be writing about my pal, that creative giant known as Moebius, here shortly, sharing some of my favorite stories concerning this genius with you.

Until then, I’ve got to knuckle down and try to work through my sadness.

5 thoughts on “A Sad, Sad Week…

  1. Bill,
    I’m really looking forward to your thoughts on Jean Giraud as well as the disastrous last few weeks for anyone in or following the creative arts. Thanks for all you do… and stay healthy.


  2. I look forward to the post on Moebius as well. I could see his influence in your work but I didn’t know that you knew each other. He was such an amazing artist and never seemed to slow down.


  3. Been reviewing my Moebius collection all weekend and will leave a reply note on your post of him, regarding the three of us. Bet you’ve got a good tale about Moebius.

  4. It has indeed been a tidal wave of loss recently. I was beginning to think John Severin would outlive us all. And he was doing outstanding work till near the end.

    I’d be interested in hearing your Ralph McQuarrie stories as well, Mr. Stout.

  5. I saw Ralph and Moebius….and Davey Jones….I totally missed John Severin passing.

    All the giants get older…..


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