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Happy Belated Birthday, Obie & Kong!

I apologize; I have been remiss. Yesterday was the birthday (March 2, 1886) of stop motion animator/special effects whiz Willis O’Brien (affectionately known as “Obie”), the man who gave life to King Kong.

By sheer coincidence, March 2 (in 1933) was also the date of the premiere of the greatest film ever made, King Kong.

So, a regrettably belated but deeply sincere “Happy Birthday!” to both o’ youse scrappers.

5 thoughts on “Happy Belated Birthday, Obie & Kong!

  1. Bill,

    Actually, I didn’t know the exact days, but I knew Kong was in ’33. Yes, what an amazing and ingenious man….and what a film the original Kong still is!


  2. Hey! Can I get that in color? Ain’t I a stinker. 😉

  3. The more I think about King Kong the more I come to realize that it is one of the most perfect films ever made. The more I think about King Kong the sadder I get that for a whole generation of kids they will only know the ’05 version.

  4. @oscar solis- You know, when I made my snarky remark about a color Kong I had completely forgotten about the ’05 film. As well as it was made I think I forgot it just as quickly back then. Original Kong- accept no substitutes.

  5. Agreed on the original being classic forever. The image of that huge stegosaurus tale thrashing slowly was imprinted on my preteen imagination forever.
    Great film. Some really funny lines too:
    “What if it doesn’t like having its picture taken.”
    “Well, now you know why I brought along those gas bombs.”

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