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Kidney Stones – Aaargh!

Sorry about the paucity of postings recently. I’ve had kidney stones for the last couple of weeks. I think I’m on the verge of passing the last one – the biggest, of course.

Those of you out there who have had them know how painful they are. It’s playing hell with my work schedule. I’m either in too much pain to draw or paint, or I’m too doped up on painkillers and just want to sleep.

This, too, shall pass, as they say.

I can’t wait to get back to the easel…

7 thoughts on “Kidney Stones – Aaargh!

  1. Sorry to hear that.i had only a minor one. My daughter had two bad attacks…but my wife has just undergone her third procedure to break them up. A group of large ones. Hopefully, this does the trick.

    I did read once about a home remedy of a number of cans of coke and asparagus.

    Hope you are well soon.


  2. Kidney stones? Is that all? Why when I was your age I had to pass kidney stones the size of plumbs while plowing the fields of the family farm with nothing but a crooked stick and the sweat of my brow. After a day of back breaking labor, and having passed stones from all of my internal organs, I would return home where my wife would strike me in the head with a scalding iron while my three knob kneed children knawed at my ankles and shins with their razor sharp little urchin teeth. After a hearty supper of gristle and road gravel I was able to pass out into slumber on my bed of termite infested tree bark and pine cones. Thirty minutes of sleep later, my hapless off spring screaming about the bed all the while, I look forward to another day of continued organ stone passing and stick farming. AND I LIKED IT! Only kidney stones? Luxury! (Cue the music and the Terry Gilliam animation) 😉
    Hope things pass smoothly

  3. Jim,

    Bill is now quadrupled up (instead of doubled up) ….half from kidney stone pain, and the other half from the hilarious calling out. But laughter is always a good thing, except when you have fractured ribs….and maybe kidney stones. By the way, maybe the gravel was the issue?


  4. Bill,

    I hope you feel better soon. The first time I went to the hospital with a kidney stone, the nurse told me that she has given birth, and she has passed a kidney stone. She said the kidney stone was by far the worse. I swore I would never touch another soda again after that unspeakable pain. (I say that as I sit her sipping on a Dr. Pepper) Thank goodness for Morphine, but your right…it just makes you drowsy beyond functionality.

    Take care…it will hopefully be over before you know it.

  5. I am so sorry to hear you have that problem, Mr. Stout. Hope you feel better soon.

    I had kidney stones twice. The first time in college. The nurse in the ER told me, “This is similar to what women feel when giving birth.” To which I replied, “Then women are nuts!” A young resident came in and gave me light karate chops on each hip to see if it was a stone. The first time I told him it hurt all over. The second one on the other hip about sent me through the roof. He told me he’d get me something for pain and nausea. After that I asked anybody who came into the room if they’d heard anything about my getting a painkiller. Finally somebody did come with two hypos one for pain and one for nausea. I don’t know what was in them but they sure worked. I felt wonderful. I was laying on the gurney waiting to have x-rays and a concerned nurse asked me, “Do you feel okay?” I grinned and said, “I feel just fine.” I now know that Codine is my painkiller of choice.

    Praying for your quick recovery,


  6. Egads! I’ve had three of them myself, the 3rd one being the worst. Showed up as 7mm on the X-ray and had to have it zapped. Even with medical insurance, all the doctor/ER visits and treatments had me essentially working for the hospital for a good many months. I don’t ever want to have another one.
    I sure do hope you feel better soon, Bill!

  7. Most kidney stones form when the urine becomes too concentrated, allowing minerals like calcium to crystallize and stick together. Diet plays a role in the condition — not drinking enough water or eating too much salt (which binds to calcium) also increases the risk of stones…

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