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2012 Zombies Calendar SOLD OUT!

Wow! I didn’t expect my new 2012 Zombies calendar to sell out so fast, but it did! I see copies selling for over forty bucks on Amazon and Ebay now.

I hope you got yours when I had them; I’m all out now. Thanks to everyone who purchased them from me. I wish I had about a hundred more!

No zombie calendar next year; the calendar company decided against a 2013 edition, despite the impassioned arguments there by my pal Arnie Fenner. Too bad, as I was looking forward to some more zombie art mischief…

1 thought on “2012 Zombies Calendar SOLD OUT!

  1. Dear Mr. Stout,

    Hey, just because it can’t be zombies doesn’t rule out monsters in general, does it? Or does it? I’d think the rest of the fanged, clawed and bandage wrapped brethren would make a great subject for a calendar. I’d sure pony up for William Stout’s Monsters 2013.
    Just my two bits.

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