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Happy B-Day, Edgar!

I have been remiss in blogging as of late. I’ve got my reasons…

I spent last Thursday through Monday in Albuquerque as the Guest of Honor at the Albuquerque Comic Con. It was a great show, very well organized. I met fans from all over the state (and adjacent states as well). Their attendance was up over 40% from last year, so you know these guys are doing something right.

I was delighted to be able to spend time with my old pals Phillip Anderson (a former comic shop and bookshop owner, Phillip now owns a Lubbock, Texas winery. He has been commissioning his favorite comic artists to do his labels!), Randy Pence (a pastor/paleontologist who just named a newly discovered prehistoric shark after me — how cool is that?!) and Patricia Rogers (one of the key BuboniCon folks and a real gem of a woman with an endlessly fascinating mind. Her hubby is no slouch, either!).

On Saturday I gave a very well attended talk with a lot of stories about the adventures I’ve experienced and the films I’ve made. I had a terrific time.

Not So Terrific Department:
My wife, Kent, was recently diagnosed with kidney cancer. Her particular cancer gave her a one-in-three chance she wouldn’t make it through the next five years.

Fortunately, however, she became aware of her cancer very early —- two years earlier than she would have known normally. Finding a cancer in its earliest stages really works in your favor.

She had her surgery yesterday. I spent most of the day at the hospital, bringing her there at about 5:30 AM. The surgery took about 4.5 hours. She had the best urological surgeon in southern California (which is saying a lot).

Her surgery went incredibly well. She was lucky in that the tumor was on the outside of her kidney. That made snipping it off a relatively easy procedure (as opposed to if it had been buried inside her kidney). The margins were clear (meaning that the cancer had not yet spread to the rest of her kidney). She was able to retain 95 % of her kidney. The operation was so smooth and efficient that there was never a point where blood had to be cut off to her kidney. There was very little blood loss. She won’t need chemotherapy, either.

Whew! It’s always something…

I still have managed to find time for my murals, though. I’ll try to put up another mural post tomorrow so that you can see the progress I have made. I’ll tell you in advance that I ultimately felt the roadrunner was slightly too big, so I ended up repainting the entire critter.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Poe!

7 thoughts on “Happy B-Day, Edgar!

  1. Bill,

    Praying for Kent and a speedy and full recovery. You’re right, it’s always something. And how we often take the everyday for granted.


  2. Dear Mr. Stout,

    Your wife is in my prayers as well.

    In regards to Edgar Allan Poe’s birthday, I love your artwork there.
    And yesterday quite by chance I stumbled on this before learning it was Poe’s birthday. Coincidence?

  3. Bill,

    Sending healing thoughts to Kent’s for a speedy recovery. Hope you are doing well, too.


    ps. Nice work on Poe! Congrats on being the guest of honor in Albuquerque.

  4. *to Kent (grammar check) 🙂

  5. Bill,
    I always keep up with your blog and was sad to hear about your wife’s illness.
    I wanted to offer my best wishes to you and Kent for a speedy and healthy recovery.

  6. Gosh, you go a few weeks without checking the blog and then you read this! My best wishes to Kent for a swift and complete recovery. I am happy to hear that the surgery went so well. Hope you got my email the other day with the pic of the Knight Mural in Chicago-it made me think of you. I will be keeping Kent in my thoughts too! Benno

  7. Bill,

    Eliot Wittenberg’s son here. Stumbling around the web and visited your blog. Living in SD County, its great to see your work on the SD Zoo Murals. A very special project. Sorry to hear about your wife’s illness and great to hear that things went so well. Best to her and you in this new year. Sorry if I’m to familiar but there is some interesting connection through my dad. Heck, we might even manage to meet someday. 😉

    Curt Wittenberg

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