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Creating the San Diego Zoo Murals – Part Six

With the zoo’s approval of the color studies, I begin building my full size canvases. Ironically, my local art supplies shop had the four 8 ft. stretcher bars I needed but didn’t have the very standard size 3 ft. stretcher bars, so I had to special order them.

They came in a couple of days later. Then came the physical task of their assembly. It’s not just a matter of fitting them together; they have to all be perfectly square (perfect 90 degree angles) in the corners.

Because of the ultimate size of these frames (I’m painting the murals at their full 3 ft. x 8 ft. size), I knew I needed support struts. A quick trip to the local lumber yard provided me with the wood. After some careful measuring and sawing I had my bars ready.

I should have charged up my Makita power drill but I didn’t, so I decided that instead of waiting for the battery to charge I would screw in all the L-brackets on the braces by hand.

Big mistake. I got a massive blister from my first effort. It was very physical work, hard on my knees, hands and back. I like the physicality of murals, though, as it gives me a break from my sedentary life style; that is, it gets me out of my chair for awhile.

I did one each day.

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3 thoughts on “Creating the San Diego Zoo Murals – Part Six

  1. Bill,
    I really like this behind the scene post. Very cool.

  2. Bill,

    Who knew illustrators had to be ace carpenters as well!


  3. It helps to know at least a little bit about all aspects of creating art…

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