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Creating the San Diego Zoo Murals – Part Five

Double-click on the images to make them larger.

I painted right over my value study, quickly laying in the picture’s local color (“local color” is the “average” color of an object). I took this quick digital snapshot and sent it to the zoo to include them in the process. Then I refined this little scale painting:

I followed the same procedure with the contemporary picture:

Again, this step was fast and crude. Then I refined it:

I sent jpegs of the two color studies to the zoo staff for their approval.

Their approval meant it was now time to start working on the full size murals.

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2 thoughts on “Creating the San Diego Zoo Murals – Part Five

  1. This is getting even more exciting to watch. Personally, I like the contrast and more saturated color on the first color study here.

    And on the current-day painting, I’m favoring the first one there too. I like the sharper delineation on some of the second one, but am unsure why the blues are glowing there.

    But really fun to watch it come to life. I hope you take some stage-shots throughout the painting. I think it would be interesting to see the way you work. Whether that includes any working back and forth moving things more forward or back.


  2. Hi Rick,
    Please remember that what you’re seeing here is quick digital snapshots with little-to-no correction in PhotoShop. Perhaps those first shots were taken on an overcast day.

    So, at least from what I put up on this site, I tend to agree with you (although I really needed to knock back those distant hills with a bit of atmospheric haze).

    Watch what happens when I get to the full size paintings…

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