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Creating the San Diego Zoo Murals – Part Three

Four minor changes from the last set of pencils: the pose and size of the jaguar and grey fox, plus the pose of the bobcat (remember to double click the image to see it at its ten inch size).

A few more changes: What was the grey fox (looking down at the capybaras) is now a coyote. The grey fox has moved to center bottom. The bobcat has been re-posed.

This drawing was approved.

In this revised pencil drawing of the modern San Diego scene, the bobcat‘s pose changed and the small herd of pronghorn antelopes were eliminated (there are no wild pronghorns in San Diego). In addition, the large sycamore at the right was reduced in size and placed behind the black bear to give animals more emphasis over plants.

In this pencil drawing I placed a grey fox bottom center examining a tarantula. The pack of coyotes in the distance are gone. What was a grey fox (far right center) will be a coyote. Remember, the placement of the animals in the modern mural needs to correspond to their placement in the Pleistocene setting.

This drawing was approved by the zoo staff.

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2 thoughts on “Creating the San Diego Zoo Murals – Part Three

  1. Bill,

    This is exciting….your sharing the stages of a project is a real treat.

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