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Disaster Hits Pasadena! News at 11!

Winds Take Out Trees in Pasadena

As you might have read (or seen) in the news, we Pasadena residents were hit hard by winds Wednesday night. The windstorm (with winds often over 90 mph) lasted all night long.

Magnolias and oaks seemed to be hit the hardest.

I drove home from Beverly Hills at about 11:00 PM from a special Roger Corman evening (more about that in a forthcoming post). The winds weren’t too bad until I crossed the hills into the San Fernando Valley. Valleys compress and accelerate winds. Random objects began striking my Prius (I was glad I wasn’t driving my van). I had to white knuckle grip my steering wheel to avoid being blown into another lane. Arriving home, I saw the electricity in my neighborhood was out.

My wife had candles burning inside our home. The noise was ferocious; it sounded as if we were in the middle of the ocean with hurricane winds buffeting and battering the walls of our house.

I didn’t sleep much that night because of the loud sounds. That pissed me off because I’ve got a lot of work to do (surprise!) yet I was pretty draggy all day long from lack of sleep.

Huge Clumps of Pine Needles at Hill and Loma Vista in Pasadena.

We have a lot of huge evergreens in our neighborhood. The pic above shows clumps of pine needles that accumulated during the storm.

Fallen Magnolia Branch

This is a branch torn from my neighbor’s magnolia tree. That’s my house in the background. We were lucky; no real damage at all, just some downed telephone cables in our backyard.

Tree Falls Between Two Homes

Across the street a huge evergreen fell between two of our neighbors’ houses. Unfortunately, the tree took out the corners of each home — and completely crushed two other trees.

Tree Takes Out Chunk of Roof

This neighbor’s tree fell right on top of their Spanish tile roof.

Blocking the Sidewalk

There were fallen branches blocking the sidewalks throughout our neighborhood…

Blocked Street

…as well as some of our streets.

Big Time Damage

A block away there was a spectacular sight. A gigantic evergreen had fallen — fortunately not on our neighbor’s house but right next to it, right down the middle of his driveway.

Completely Uprooted

This huge tree was completely uprooted, taking out some of the sidewalk, curb and street with it.


From the bowels of the earth, living beneath this tree’s root system, emerged two zombies, awoken from their undead slumber.

This Could Only Happen in My Neighborhood...

All in all, it’s been a very eventful couple of days…

6 thoughts on “Disaster Hits Pasadena! News at 11!

  1. I’m very glad you and everyone are all right Bill.

  2. WOW! I wonder how long those creatures have been living under that tree? Seriously though, you live in such a “normal” looking neighborhood.

  3. Bill,

    Glad you and your wife are okay.

    We had some wicked wind with some thunderstorms twice last year. Lopped off many trees, and felled some whole. Thankfully no one was injured in our neighborhood, but we were all out there with saws and such clearing the road and our yards till road crews could do the full job. No easy task to be sure.

    Hopefully your cleanup will be quick. And yes, it is a very enlightening experience when we realize we are at the mercy of the elements in situations like this. Power is the big thing of course. We got ours back in about 8 hours, but others waited a week. There was just that much devastation. Hope yours is all restored.


  4. Hi Bill

    Relieved you and your family are OK. We thought about you while watching Channel 9 news from LA, and were hoping you were alright. It was fairly windy in SLO but NOTHING like you guys were getting.

    Take care,
    English Sue

  5. Bill, I am glad you guys are okay.

  6. Are you sure it wasn’t a tornado going through your town??

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